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Revision Module
1. Jawab Untuk Jaya (JUJ) Perak
    Question: 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011
    Answer  : 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011
2. Perfect Score Module, SBP
    Question:2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011
    Answer : 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011
3. Others

Short Note
1. Form 4 and Form 5 Chemistry Definition.
    List of useful definition in chemistry for Form 4 and Form 5 student.

2. Form 4 Chapter 5: Chemical bond Download and find out more about the following topic.
    (ii)  Octet rules
    (iii) Formation of ions
    (iv) Formation of ionic bonds
    (v)  Formation of covalent bonds
    (vi) Physical properties of ionic and covalent compounds

3. Carbon compounds (1 page short note)
    (i)  Definition
    (ii) Naming carbon compounds
   (iii) Isomerism
   (iv) Homologous series
   (v)  How to differentiate alkane from alkene
   (vi) comparing combustion of alkane and alkene
   (vii) inter conversion of alkane, alkene, alcohol, carboxylic acid and ester (chemical reactions and condition)

4. Salt (1 page short note)
   (i) Definition
   (ii) colour of salt
 (iii) Solubility of salt
 (iv) effect of heat on salt - gas produced and colour of residue
  (v) Gas test
 (vi)  Cation test - NaOH and NH3
(vii)  Anion test
(viii) Confirmatory test for specific ions.

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