Thinking about 'How to earn online without investment?'. Well, here is the solution to the question. The answer is Paid To Click, the best way to earn online money. So first of all you need to know 'what is ptc site?' and then learn 'how to earn using ptc sites'. Ptc sites are nothing but advertisement sites which provide advertisements for the user to be viewed and the ptc site pays the user for viewing it. Simple isn't it? You can get to know everything about ptc sites in this site and also this site guides you how to earn just by spending a few minutes a day.

PTC industry has been the most efficient and quick way to earn online income for the past 2 years. This, work from home opportunity is free to everyone above 18 years of age and no qualification is required to earn money from ptc sites. Only the basic knowledge of computer and internet is required to earn just by clicking.

This way of earning online money can be considered as a part time job for college students who need to earn cash for their pocket money, so that the teenagers get the liberty to earn money. It can also be a retirement income for old aged retired people who want to earn extra income.

Among several internet jobs to earn money, such as data entry, multi-level marketing, ptc is the best and quick way to earn money online. Ptc is better than data-entry, since data-entry takes more time and get paid less if errors are more. But ptc pays more for spending less time in viewing advertisements. So paid to click is called as the 'fast cash' method.

PTC sites mostly come with a '
bux' as a suffix, for example:- neobux, palmbux, onbux,888bux and many more.Some sites names come with 'clicks' or 'clix', example vipclix, ignite clicks, etc.

Earning extra money through ptc sites is simple, but extra care must be taken in choosing a ptc site before start cliking ads. It may be a scam site and so it will be a non paying site for the users. Careful steps such as reading the reviews of the PTC site in some of the ptc forums. PTC Investigation is the best place where all the PTC sites are remarked as legitimate site or a scam site based upon their performance in the PTC industry. The PTC site can be selected based upon the payment proof records, which are displayed in the forums of that particular site which you're working with. Always be aware of scam sites.

Top PTC sites :
Here is the list of Top ptc sites and these are the ptc sites which are best paid ptc sites and are grouped to be the top ptc sites based upon a series of tests conducted by various users.

Neobux : Paying since 2008


Clicsense : Paying since 2007

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